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The backwaters of Kerala are a series of interconnected waterways, lakes, inlets and riverine estuaries that form an intermeshed network along the coast of Kerala, India. The local people of the Kerala backwaters, travel on these waters and carry out their traditional occupations, such as farming and fishing on its fertile banks. The scenic beauty of the backwaters has also led to its being developed as a tourist destination in recent times. You can travel on backwater cruises in Kerala

Backwater cruises in Kerala are carried out on large converted traditional boats. These boats called "Kettuvalloms" were traditionally used as grain barges, to transport the rice harvested in the fertile fields alongside the Kerala Backwaters. Converted to accommodate tourists, the houseboats have a sleeping area, with toilets, as a dining area and a sit out on the deck. 

You can rest at ease on a houseboat at night and observe the beautiful countryside while sitting on the deck during the day. Food is cooked on board the houseboat by the accompanying staff. you can have a relaxing time seeing the birds and aquatic life along the banks of the Kerala backwaters. See the local people in villages along the banks of Kerala backwaters carry out their daily routine of farming and fishing as you pass by on Backwater cruises in Kerala. Smile at friendly local children as they wave to you as you float along on your houseboat on Backwater cruises in Kerala.



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